From Exhaustion back to Excellence

“On balance, my academic work is costing me… not bringing energy”

Let’s be honest for a sec: does this apply to you? While we’re at it: do you feel like ‘excellence’ does not apply to you? 

Do you recognize yourself in someone who started out as a smart cookie eager to learn and thrive and feels clearly alienated from your ‘original you’? Well,… experience teaches that it’s all about the lens with which you view your situation…

Why Academic Authenticity Helps

So, how will you get your energy back? Your inspiration? Your joyous feeling of being able to work with sharp minds and clever cookies, and to contribute to your field and academic networks in a profound manner?

Anna helps you to:

  • remember your most playful and energetic self
  • get productive (again) compassionately
  • signal your energy leaks, and learn to deal with the unavoidable ones with more compassion and a heightened sense of humor
  • get in flow, and navigate your predictable and necessary phases of no-flow more relaxed (after all: without silence, music is a cacophony…)

This helps you to:

  • Remember the passionate scholar that you truly are.
  • Be the inspiring teacher you loved going to class to yourself.
  • Be the academic leader that you want to be.

Anna is here to get you back on your inspired track.

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