Anna’s whitepapers are helping and enlightening

They reflect on essential aspects of ‘higher education’ with a mild sense of humor. If your a student, and you recognize these questions… do press on the link…

Student: Why is my supervisor so annoying?

Student: Is graduating suppose to feel like suffering?!

If you are a supervisor and you could do with some helpful reminders and comforting words, press on these links now:

Supervisor: Why does supervising feel like am being examined?

Supervisor: Gosh… is it me, or is my student really asking too much in terms of guiding?

Keeping the tone light, Anna touches upon essential dynamics that we can easily slip into, especially when students start on their final projects…

‘Afstuderen is puberen… all over again. Zeven zaken die helpen bij succesvol afstuderen

‘Excelleren als scriptiebegeleider. Deze vijf zaken helpen’

As you probably noticed, the whitepapers are available in Dutch only for the moment. If you’d love to get the papers in English, please contact me.