Authenticity Courses

Authenticity Courses to enhance both your personal and professional growth

For whom are the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 courses intended?

  • You are working on your project, you are aware of your uneasiness with ‘uncertainty’, and you want ‘to become comfortable with uncertainty‘, resilient even…
  • You want to be(come) the most pro-active and positive version of yourself.
  • You love the academy. Still, you feel uneasy with the harsh manner of communicating and the almost constant invitation of comparing yourself to high-achieving Others and you find the ‘profile neurosis’ your colleagues seem to suffer from toxic and taxing…
  • You want to reach for your highest potential and carve out your niche in academia.

Please note that all participants have financed participance through the so-called bench-fees or personal & career development budget in their projects, after getting their requests approved by their supervisors.

2018-2019: Second semester: February-May 2019 (7 sessions, Tuesdays, 11.00-13.00) Maximum of 12 participants (FULL) 

Tuesday 28 May 2019: Final Presentations, Q&A, and drinks


September-May 2019* (7 sessions, Tuesday 11.00-13.00)

Maximum of 12 participants

E-syllabus with mandatory literature will be provided

Learning goals:
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty, both in your project and in your field
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Effective and pro-active manner of working, balancing both work and downtime
  • Clear sense of what your personal goals are
  • Ability to voice your needs in a professional and empathic manner
Schedule Course ‘Authenticity Course: Personal and Professional Growth’
Tuesday 17 September 2019: Introduction
Dates will follow: ‘Professional and powerful communication’: On working congruently and learning to say ‘no’ emphatically
Dates will follow: ‘The Second Quadrant’: On working pro-actively and being kind when you get sidetracked
Dates will follow: ‘The One Thing’: On really connecting with your most important tasks
Dates will follow: ‘Aligning with your ambitions’: On knowing what you are about and organizing your next steps
Dates will follow: ‘Being here and being real’ (Deadline: ‘Personal Academic Constitution’ max. 1.000 w)
Dates will follow: Presentations and Q&A

* Experience teaches that slowing down and spreading the sessions over the entire academic year is preferred. No worries: there will be multiple groups, guaranteeing a maximum of 12 participants per group. More practical information will follow after enlisting.