Non-binding appointment, Amsterdam, Tuesday 12.02.2019, 11.15-12.45


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There are a great many reasons why you feel the need to slow down, be seen, be heard, and create the space in which you can care for yourself properly and rise and shine as an academic.

If you feel that I can be of assistance to you in this process: don’t hesitate. Just get in touch, and schedule a non-binding appointment with me.

  • You are ‘transitioning’ and you could do with individual guidance through this process to connect to your inner core, your ‘grand scheme of things’ as an academic and to work out your next steps. From PhD to Postdoc; from assistant professor to associate professor e.g.
  • You suffer from “Impostor Feelings” and want to address them fundamentally so you can rise and shine effortlessly with an emphasis on enjoying your academic life and work.
  • You want to strategize, recuperate from the exhaustive phase that you were in and get back in touch with your higher goals.
  • You just need someone to listen emphatically (i.e. ‘non-autobiographically’…) in order to sort your thoughts, feelings and higher aims in your academic life.
  • You feel ‘stuck’, and you want to get back in touch with your ‘flow’.



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