Masterclass Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon 04.03.2020


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Let’s get real about the Self-Defeating Behavior. If we are invested in reaching our highest potential in academia, it’s important to stop losing energy:

  • recognizing these dynamics
  • understanding what these behaviors are telling us
  • and knowing how to work with them.

That’s what this Masterclass is about. It will enable us to get to the academic “core business” of:

  • “asking questions out loud”,
  • following our research interests unapologetically,
  • raising questions and addressing themes that truly intrigue us effortlessly.

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Wednesday 04.03.2020 in Leiden

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€49,- for subscribers of E-Letters (or agreeing to subscribe)

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Through following this Masterclass you will:

  • understand why Self-Defeating Behavior is so pervasive in academia
  • deeply understand why attending to these dynamics is of tremendous importance if you want to work as effortlessly as possible (get into flow)
  • recognize the different types of behavior more easily in yourself and Others
  • know why to raise your awareness to these types of behavior
  • start working from your ‘inner seniority’
  • set yourself on track in attending to Self-Defeating Behavior in your students, and learn to lead by example.

For whom:

  • Researchers who are eager to get energized
  • Teachers who want to lead by example and create a nurturing learning environment
  • Academics who want to brush up their skills in helpful self-reflection

What is being offered:

  • Two-hour intensive training on self-defeating dynamics
  • Helpful assignments and exercises
  • E-Book “Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon”
  • All the coffee, tea and healthy refreshments you need
  • An enhanced sense of both humor and loving kindness towards self-defeating dynamics
  • Getting acquainted with kindred spirits

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