E-Course “Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon”


7 weeks program: Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon, together with Anna




Ever devalued yourself while presenting a paper, highlighting your shortcomings and being defensive? Procrastinated, until you started worrying whether you would ever get your job done? Overachieved because you felt very insecure in your position? Felt like a complete impostor, dreading to be found out as being inadequate?

Then this E-Course will help you address these themes. Seven steps, eternal access to the program, and working in your own pace with a program that will guide you through the corresponding E-Book, supported by helpful videos.

Join Anna for this 7 weeks program on “Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon and Other Types of Self-Defeating Dynamics” now!

You will be working with the Big Five:

  • The Impostor
  • The Self-Impeder
  • The Procrastinator
  • The Defensive Pessimist
  • The Subjective Overachiever

And you know what? You’ll find out… underneath the surface… they are all kind of endearing and have wonderful hidden qualities: even the most annoying ones!


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