E-Book Work Life Balance

Deep Longing for ‘More Balance’. 5 Steps: Pointers and Perspectives

You feel exhausted and you’re not even through half of your ‘to do’s’ as it is, but still, there is a world out there, outside of academia which also calls for your attention… Do you want to get back in touch with you? Would you like to read some helpful pointers written by someone who knows what it’s like to combine academic work with a social life? Then this E-Book is just the thing for you.

‘Deep Longing for More Balance in Your Life’ offers eye-openers. It will help you:

  • read your bodily signs
  • ask the question: mine or yours?
  • get specific: is it balance, stability or rest?
  • make time for our important and not urgent matters
  • care for predictable anti-social phases during deep writing and contemplating