E-Book Outsmarting the Impostor

E-Book Outsmarting the Impostor

Why should we know about common forms of Self-Defeating Dynamics? Why should we be interested in Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon and Other Self-Defeating Dynamics?

The answer is simple.

If we want to be in academia, we want to ‘own’ asking questions out loud as our core business. If we worry over what Others may think of us ‘as academics’, we’ll feel less free to ‘think’. We’ll impede our going ‘with our flow’. We won’t be open and honest about the themes that have our deepest interest. We would hesitate to raise the questions that truly intrigue us.

Being an academic is being invested in asking questions, trying to answer them, understanding that our answers can always only be partial and provisional.  How will we carve out our niche if we are invested in self-defeating behavior?

No worries: this E-Book and the corresponding #masterclasses are not about turning us into loose cannons, thinking out loud in all contexts thinkable. They are about ‘getting real’, however, about learning to catch ourselves in the act of Self-Defeating Dynamics.

There are several options for addressing this theme of self-defeating dynamics: