Anna’s here to help you grow, both personally and professionally. Choose the way you want to work with Anna here:

Individual Coaching

Anna’s coaching will help you to get inspired. Session with Anna will raise your awareness in terms of your ‘internal dialogue’. What do you say to yourself on a regular basis? What is blocking your natural flow? Find out. Become your playful self again. Schedule a complimentary session.

Team Training

Get your team onto an inspired track with training programs together with Anna, suited to your particular needs. Help your team grow both personally and professionally. Get in touch with Anna

Structured Intervision

Addressing challenges and themes together, opening up about what is going on in your everyday work life to peers, in a setting of supportive and professional guidance by Anna is incredibly helpful in taking profound steps towards working effortlessly and with joy. Set up your intervision program, together with Anna.

Coaching for MT’s

Taking time to reflect on the MT as a team. Getting clarity about strengths and weaknesses in the way the MT operates. Strenghtening academic leadership, balancing between the needs in terms of autonomy and freedom for your academic staff and the need of communality as an institution more effectively and profoundly. Further developing your leadership style and repertoire of behavior/action as MT-member. Getting to know your direct colleagues more profoundly, deepening the level of trust in the MT, and strengthening the day-to-day support system within the MT. Set up your coaching for MT’s with Anna.