On Supervising (Dutch)

Did you know that as a thesis supervisor it is all too easy to fall into a number of common pitfalls? Although you may rationally know that it is not you taking an exam or test… sometimes we feel that the work of our students and them passing their exams is actually… er… your result.

Especially with supervising capstone projects, we step into that pitfall all too easily. You can easily get the feeling that the results of your thesis students rub off on you! Well… remember? You are not the one graduating.

This DIY E-Book gets you back on track in supervising your graduating students – and your PhD Candidates for that matter… – in a professional manner. With pleasure and confidence, from a place called inner seniority (irrespective of your age).

How do you do that successfully? These five reminders will help you, even it is just raising your awareness to the pitfalls. It’s not a problem to fall into them, as long as you get yourself out of them again.

Click here to download your DIY E-Book On Supervising.

Translation into English will follow as soon as possible.