Structural Analysis

As a student – however senior you may be in the meantime – you are expected to work with literature in a constructive and productive manner. You are not simply ‘consuming’ but scrutinizing literature. Cultivating a ‘beginner’s mind’ is advised throughout your academic adventure. It will help you to remain creative and innovative.

One of the most quintessential characteristics of literature study is that you are expected to form an opinion on what you have read. You are expected to produce critical thoughts.

It is important not to become cynical while producing of critical thoughts, however. It is silver if you can form a critical opinion about literature. It is gold if you can articulate what you find compelling about a research strategy, or what you think is inspiring about an article or book. Or maybe… bronze for critique, silver for praise… and gold for being silent… Anyway, you’ll catch my drift.

Click here to download the DIY E-Book on Structural Analysis.

As mentioned in the DIY E-Book: critically relating towards literature and finding a constructive position in a debate was taught to me by the late and the so so wonderfully inspiring university lecturer Bert Altena, PhD (1950-2018).

Bert Altena (1950-2018), my first year mentor and supervisor during my internship at IISG