On Graduating

Graduating, for most students, is doing something you’ve never done before to prove that you master whatever it is you have been doing the last couple of years.

To add to that paradox: suddenly, you’ve entered a challenging, complicated and paradoxical relationship with your supervisor.

Yeah, sure. You already knew her, him, them as your tutor. Now that you’re graduating, you have to commit matricide, patricide, parricide.

Figuratively speaking, of course. To avoid any misunderstandings: you’re not really committing murder. You are individuating in this process.

Your project invites you to become independent, and the process is akin to puberty more than anything really. Graduating is being an adolescent all over again…

The idea is that you emancipate yourself from ‘the elderly’, while you still need them urgently periodically throughout the graduating process, writing your largest piece of work thus far.

How you do that successfully?

These 7 pointers and perspectives help.

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