Indoor coaching sessions take place in ‘Het Coachhuis’:

  • Leiden, Kanaalpark 140 (near Station ‘Lammenschans’, 10 minutes walk)
  • Amsterdam, Van Eeghenlaan 27 (Vondelpark)
  • Utrecht, Catharijnesingel 56-57 (near Utrecht Central Station, 7 minutes walk)
  • Delft-Zuid, Marshalllaan 2 (near Station ‘Delft-Zuid’, 15 minutes walk)
  • Rotterdam, Wijnhaven 36 (near Station ‘Blaak’, 10 minutes walk)*

When outdoors, we will find one of many beautiful surroundings together. Options are, but are not restricted to:

  • National Park Zuid Kennemerland, near Santpoort-Noord
  • Soesterduinen, near Soest
  • Maarsseveense Plassen, Maarsseveen
  • Abtswoudse bos, Delft-Zuid
  • Vroesenpark, Rotterdam*
  • Bieschbos, near Dordrecht

* Meeting up in Rotterdam: no charge to the budget of travel expenses