Tuesday 16.04.2019: NOSTER Research School (Radboud University Nijmegen), Workshop on Balancing Academic Work & Life

Wednesday 20.02.2019: Huizinga Institute Amsterdam, Intersectional Analysis and Academic Selfcare

Shut up & Write- Workshops

Every Second Wednesday of the Month: Shut up & Write-Workshop

Wednesday 13.02.2019, 10.15-17.00, Utrecht: full

Wednesday 13.03.2019, 10.15-17.00, Amsterdam: still 6 tickets available

Wednesday 10.04.2019, 10.15-17.00, Utrecht: still 10 tickets available


Individual Coaching

Tuesday 19.02.2019, 11.15-12.45: Leiden, Complimentary appointment for individual coaching

Tuesday 19.02.2019, 13.15-14.45: Leiden, Complimentary appointment for individual coaching

Anna coaches on Mondays and Tuesdays. Contact Anna and she’ll send you an easy online calendar in which you can schedule an appointment that suits your needs.



Looking back on beautiful sessions


Wednesday 16.01.2019: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle

Wednesday 12.12.2018: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle


Tuesday 11.12.2018: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Interactive Lecture: ‘On Belonging in Academia. Surpassing the Gendered Dynamics of the Impostor Syndrome’


27.10.2018: Rijksmuseum, ‘Nacht van de Geschiedenis’, Interviewing Hedy D’Ancona





Also looking back on wonderful private sessions, by the way, magical ones even… but those are… you know… private 🙂