Friday 11.09.2020: Workshop #1 Strongpoints & Qualities

Friday 25.09.2020: Workshop #2 Mapping the Internal Landscape

Friday 09.10.2020: Workshop #3 Communicating Like a Pro

Friday 23.10.2020: Workshop #4 Comfortable with Uncertainty

Friday 06.11.2020: Workshop #5 Conflict Management Like a Pro

Friday 20.11.2020: Workshop #6 Ask Me Anything Session

Single workshops: 54,- (47,- for subscribers)

6 Single workshops: 324,-  (282,- for subscribers)

Passe-partout: 299,- (257,- for subscribers)

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Individual Coaching

Anna coaches on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contact Anna and schedule an appointment that suits your needs.



Academic Dilemma’s Interviews (for the Authenticity Community)

Want to help inspire academics in how to navigate volatile worlds? Want to be interviewed? Please, get in touch with Anna.




Looking back on beautiful sessions

Friday 13.07.2020, Online: “Mapping the Internal Landscape”, Training in empathic attention for your inner dialogue related to work & research

Wednesday 24.04.2020, Online: Huizinga Institute: “Comfortable with Uncertainty” Intensive training with 11 participants in learning to become comfortable with uncertainty by re-connecting with your core values in profound manner.

Friday 21.02.2020 and Friday 28.02.2020
Leiden Institute for History: Walking the Tightrope. Training for Early Career Academics to Balance Research, Teaching, Admin & Life.

Saturday 26.10.2019: The Night of History, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

A wonderful session on the history of sexuality in the beautiful library of the Rijksmuseum together with Elwin Hofman, postdoc at the KU Leuven and Irene Hemelaar as moderator.

Photo by Jan Kees Steenman

Thursday 22.08.2019: Training at Teacher’s Conference, International Studies (Leiden University): The Sea, the Sand and the Surf: Working with Strategical Faultlines (Noordwijk)

Thursday 06.06.2019: Workshop ‘Big Dreams and Practical Steps’, Career Orientation Course for 3rd year BA-students in English, led by Dr Kristine Steenbergh

Tuesday 14.05.2019: Graduate School of Humanities (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Workshop on Reaching Your Highest Potential: Getting in Touch with Your Passion and Ambitions (unapologetically)

Tuesday 21.05.2019: Masterclass Outsmarting the Impostor Phenomenon and Other Self-Defeating Dynamics

Tuesday 16.04.2019: NOSTER Research School (Radboud University Nijmegen), Workshop on Balancing Academic Work & Life

Wednesday 20.02.2019: Huizinga Institute Amsterdam, Intersectional Analysis and Academic Selfcare

Wednesday 16.01.2019: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle

Wednesday 12.12.2018: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle

Tuesday 11.12.2018: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Interactive Lecture: ‘On Belonging in Academia. Surpassing the Gendered Dynamics of the Impostor Syndrome’

27.10.2018: Rijksmuseum, ‘Nacht van de Geschiedenis’, Interviewing Hedy D’Ancona

Also looking back on wonderful private sessions, by the way, magical ones even… but those are… you know… private 🙂