Tuesday 16.04.2019: NOSTER Research School (Radboud University Nijmegen), Workshop on Balancing Academic Work & Life

Tuesday 14.05.2019: Graduate School of Humanities (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Workshop on Reaching Your Highest Potential: Getting in Touch with Your Passion and Ambitions (unapologetically)

Thursday 22.08.2019: Training at Teacher’s Conference, International Studies (Leiden University): Teaching Vision and Mission

Shut up & Write- Workshops

Every Second Wednesday of the Month: Shut up & Write-Workshop

Anna organizes a Shut up & Write Workshop every 2nd Wednesday of the Month. Schedule yours here.

Whether you are a writer who thinks first then writes, or someone who thinks through writing: investing in these workshops will help you get in the flow of your project, … plus: writing becomes way more fun 🙂

Individual Coaching

Tuesday 26.03.2019, 12.15-13.45: Utrecht, Complimentary appointment for individual coaching

Tuesday 26.03.2019, 14.00-15.30: Utrecht, Complimentary appointment for individual coaching

Anna coaches on Mondays and Tuesdays. Contact Anna and schedule an appointment that suits your needs.

Academic Dilemma’s Interviews (for the Authenticity Community)

Tuesday 02.04.2019: Two Interviews on Academic Dilemma’s

Want to be interviewed? Please, get in touch with Anna.

Looking back on beautiful sessions

Wednesday 20.02.2019: Huizinga Institute Amsterdam, Intersectional Analysis and Academic Selfcare

Wednesday 16.01.2019: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle

Wednesday 12.12.2018: De Lindewei Leiden, Authenticity Circle

Tuesday 11.12.2018: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Interactive Lecture: ‘On Belonging in Academia. Surpassing the Gendered Dynamics of the Impostor Syndrome’

27.10.2018: Rijksmuseum, ‘Nacht van de Geschiedenis’, Interviewing Hedy D’Ancona

Also looking back on wonderful private sessions, by the way, magical ones even… but those are… you know… private 🙂