Academics about Anna’s coaching

Harold* (37):

“Working with you has been tremendously helpful to get my head around some major issues. Just feel so grateful.”

Suzanne (28):

“It’s been a lovely… not easy (!) journey. I’ve finally learned to take myself seriously as a scholar without losing my sense of humor. Thank you. Gosh… thanks for laughing about my silly patterns as well.”

Merel (33):

“The coaching sessions came right in time. Thanks for helping to acknowledge some serious self-defeating patterns. So glad to have become aware of the unhelpful internal dialogues I’ve lived with for so long.”

Nancy* (52):

“To be honest, I felt a little awkward with your age at first. But it was so easy to open up about the draining sides of  supervising and management. Figuring out what it takes for me to really slow down, and get a clear sense of what I’m doing on the one hand, and want to be doing on the other has made such a difference.”

*Names adjusted at the request of my coachees.