Anna Tijsseling (1977)


‘Just where you are, that’s the place to start’, is a quote by Pema Chödrön that inspires me to be present, here and now. In being present, open and curious, I help address the life themes that need addressing in order to get (back) in flow.

As a counselor and trainer, I support academics and academic teams as a disinterested witness, helping them to grow both personally and professionally.

Curriculum Vitae
  • Counselor and trainer/ HR Policy and Strategy Advisor
  • Postdoc researcher/Lecturer (Utrecht University)
  • Director Non-Profit Organization (Rotterdam)/ Lecturer (Leiden)
  • Assistant Professor (Leiden)
  • Postdoc Researcher (Amsterdam)
  • PhD Student (Amsterdam/Utrecht, Doctorate in 2009)
  • Personal Assistant Member of Parliament (The Hague)
  • History Teacher (Rotterdam)
  • Assistant Researcher (Rotterdam)
  • Begeleidingskunde (Professional Counseling), Utrecht
  • Course: Motivation Negotiating, Bakker, Rotterdam
  • Training: Non-Violent Communication, Ai-Opener, Rotterdam
  • Course: Effective Communication (Gordon Method), Zwijndrecht
  • Societal History (Doctoral thesis), Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Atheneum with a certificate for Latin, Walburg College Zwijndrecht

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Life history

Brief version: failed journalist, turned historian, turned counselor.

Longer version: click here.