Anna Tijsseling (1977)


Life history

Brief version: failed journalist, turned historian, turned counselor.

Longer version: click here.

Central citation

Pema Chödrön: ‘Just where you are, that’s the place to start’.

Chödrön inspires me to be present, here and now. Open curiosity is the starting point for addressing the (life) themes to get (back) in flow.

Curriculum Vitae
  • Counselor and trainer/ HR Policy and Strategy Advisor
  • Postdoc researcher/Lecturer (Utrecht University)
  • Director Non-Profit Organization (Rotterdam)/ Lecturer (Leiden)
  • Assistant Professor (Leiden)
  • Postdoc Researcher (Amsterdam)
  • PhD Student (Amsterdam/Utrecht, Doctorate in 2009)
  • Personal Assistant Member of Parliament (The Hague)
  • History Teacher (Rotterdam)
  • Assistant Researcher (Rotterdam)
  • Begeleidingskunde (Professional Counseling), Utrecht
  • Course: Motivation Negotiating, Bakker, Rotterdam
  • Training: Non-Violent Communication, Ai-Opener, Rotterdam
  • Course: Effective Communication (Gordon Method), Zwijndrecht
  • Societal History (Doctoral thesis), Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Atheneum with a certificate for Latin, Walburg College Zwijndrecht

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